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Principle Contractor

We at F3H Solutions offer Principle Contractor Services by providing our clients a reassurance in quality

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Cost & Commercial Management

We provide cost management services throughout the project’s lifecycle from tender stage to final account.

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Project & Programme Management Project
& Programme Management

We specialise in Project & Programme Management for our clients with our team leaders in enabling us to deliver successful projects.

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Health & Safety Management

We take pride when it comes to Managing Health & Safety for Projects, our Team carry a vast amount of knowledge

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Our Excellent Services


The fact that F3H has specialist joinery and interior elements made of wood, which are manufactured individually, in accordance with a specific request, has a certain influence on the guaranteed manufacturing quality. Unique and innovative products are manufactured, each treated with special care. Routine work is kept to the minimum, and care and attention is retained at the highest possible level.
A strict process control system is implemented in all production facilities with a single goal – top quality in all products in accordance with European quality standards and norms. All employees of F3H care for product quality yet special credit goes to our process quality supervisors.
Depending on your requests, market conditions and the characteristics of the facility where the products are installed, we can suggest different variations of technical features, which will ensure long-term quality and functionality.
Energy efficiency, sound insulation, fire resistance and resistance to climate changes are only some of the features from a long list which describe the quality of products and services of F3H.


Engineering is a synonym for professional and proactive project management in all markets of the world. This organisational body of the company turns customer requests in visual and real solutions. It professionally coordinates with all activities, from the creation of conceptual solutions to the execution of works and responds to the most complex needs of the clients. Engineering grasps every challenge and succeeds with specialised teams of engineers for construction, architecture, mechanical engineering and wood processing with a range of knowledge and experience in the area of interior decoration.
Engineering has the most demanding role in the company. It functions on the basis of project teams that are divided into certain markets. The head of each team is a project manager who is responsible for managing and fulfilling the dynamic work plan.
The project manager has a team be made up of a designer and site manager who execute works and assembly. After verification of samples and drawings, the production is the next step. Each production phase involves a quality control process of the production elements. After the approval of function and final supervision for the quality of the product by the quality service, packaging and discharge are organised to the place of installation.


✔ Defining the project task
✔ Development of the conceptual design in variants, mood boards
✔ Selection of a variant for further development
✔ Development of the conceptual basis with furniture placement
✔ Creating a 3D visualization of interior solutions of specific areas.


✔ Basics with furniture placement
✔ Organizational basics showing the processing of floor coverings
✔ Ceiling basics with lighting placement
✔ Basics with the placement of electric installations
✔ 2D representations – vertical cross-sections, wall appearance, and details.


✔ All attachments from the project design in the appropriate large scale
✔ Surface labelling and materialization
✔ Labelled and drawn details in suitable scale
✔ Complete specification of materials and equipment for ordering